The Fixer – Finder’s latest keeper

By Mike Brogan

Joseph Finder’s new thriller, The Fixer, is a story about family secrets and the dangers that come with discovering hidden truths. 

Rick Hoffman had it all: a great job as a Boston magazine reporter, a beautiful fiancée, a nice place to live. Then, just like that, everything goes wrong. He loses his job, his fiancé and his apartment. Now what?   

Rick’s only option is to retreat to his abandoned family home, a heat-deprived wreck that has sat empty and in shambles since his father, Leonard, suffered a stroke that left him living in a nursing home, unable to speak. Within a wall of this deplorable home Rick is working to restore, he discovers millions of dollars stashed away — and many questions begin to weigh on his conscience: Whose money is this? How long has it been here? What should I do with it? 

Rick’s curiosity leads him to investigate the origin of his unbelievable windfall. Realizing his father might have knowledge of the money, Rick begins to look into Leonard’s past. He discovers that Leonard was a lawyer-bagman whose clients included members of the Black Panthers and the Weather Underground. Discovering his father’s hidden life changes everything he thought he knew about the man, and unleashes enemies intent on keeping the past buried. Danger and threats ensue, including men armed with chainsaws, baseball bats and knives. But Rick is not about to back down. 

The story’s characters, non-stop pace, and terrific dialogue make The Fixer a fun, suspenseful, hard-to-put-down read. 

Mike Brogan is an award-winning novelist of five mystery suspense thrillers: Business to Kill for, Dead Air, Madison’s Avenue, G8, and his latest, Kentucky Woman.  Writer’s Digest called his writing “the equal of any suspense thrillers in recent years.” Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and mikebroganbooks.