Intriguing thriller foretells Brexit

By Mike Brogan

Keep Calm, a new suspense thriller, is anything but calm. Filled with international intrigue, it involves a scheme that can be traced to the top of Great Britain’s political system, and includes cutting ties with the European Union.

This fast-paced crime novel is written by Mike Binder, a Michigan native who has gained success as a comedian, Hollywood director and filmmaker and now, gifted novelist.

In the story, Adam Tatum, a Michigan-born detective turned financial manager, is given the opportunity to move to London to work for a powerful British-owned investment firm. Adam gladly accepts, taking his wife and two children with him. He is invited to attend a high stakes meeting with British government leaders, including the Prime Minister, and wonders, “Why me?” The answer is simple. He’s being set up. A large business binder his boss asked him to bring explodes during the meeting, critically injuring the Prime Minister. 

Suddenly, Adam is a hunted man with no way to prove his innocence. If caught and tried, he could spend his life in prison. Who set him up? He suspects it might be someone in the upper echelons of his own company. Or even someone in the British government. 

Davina Steele, a smart, young police inspector assigned to the case, initially focuses on Adam, but soon doubts his involvement and begins to question whether the culprit could be someone in Adam’s corporation, possibly the billionaire chairman. Or the acting Prime Minister, Georgia Turnbull. 

Meanwhile every cop in the country is looking for Adam who flees from a luxurious London hotel with his family, taking shelter first in a rustic cabin, then in a shabby motel. When his attempts to get his family back to America are unsuccessful, Adam decides he has to find the person behind the attempted assassination of the Prime Minister. 

The author skillfully blends stressed family relationships with the more immediate concern of staying alive. Keep Calm will keep readers guessing, wondering and flipping pages until the shocking ending. I see a movie on the horizon! 

Mike Brogan is an award-winning novelist of five mystery suspense thrillers: Business to Kill For, Dead Air, Madison’s Avenue, G8, and his latest, Kentucky Woman. Writer’s Digest called his writing “the equal of any suspense thrillers in recent years.” Available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and