The LUKE Arm

The Life Under Kinetic Evolution (LUKE) prosthetic arm, FDA-approved in 2014, is on track for a commercial launch later this year. 

Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the arm uses electromyogram (EMG) electrodes to pick up signals from the patient’s muscles and translate them into precise movements. Priced at $100,000, the arm will be marketed by Mobius Bionics.

The LUKE arm was invented by Dean Kamen (creator of the Segway) at the DEKA Research and Development Corporation. According to DARPA, the overall goal is to improve the functionality of prosthetic limbs for service members. The arm enables them to complete tasks such as cooking, brushing teeth and inserting a key into a lock, something existing prosthetic devices are not able to do. The LUKE arm system can be configured for amputees with limb loss at the shoulder joint, mid-upper arm or mid-lower arm.