Holidays 2016

If you find our Venture Michigan cover at all intriguing, you’ll definitely want to read the story behind it. The sophisticated looking man you see is the co-founder of a Detroit startup that is distributing a rare type of Indonesian coffee made from the droppings of Asian palm civets (small, cat-like creatures) that roam the forests of Indonesia. Yes, we said droppings. But before you pass judgment, read our cover story and find out what makes Kopi Luwak coffee one of the most expensive in the world — and, according to some coffee aficionados, one of the most delicious. 

This issue also takes a look at the many fascinating ways the medical industry is being transformed by technology and innovation — from a headset that uses virtual reality to distract hospitalized children from pain, to new, dissolvable stents and resources to help Michigan manufacturers diversify into the medical arena.

On the medical topic, we profile a Bloomfield Hills-based startup that is making a mark in healthcare with a groundbreaking system that reduces foot traffic in hospital operating rooms while cutting costs.  

We also take a look at how universities throughout the state are tackling cyber-
security by developing programs that focus on keeping business and personal information safe from hackers. These programs come just in time, as one expert tells us: The demand for employees with cybersecurity skills is at a fever pitch, and shows no signs of letting up. 

Our Design feature introduces the Steelcase Gesture chair, a high-performance task chair that adapts to a variety of positions for today’s office worker, who might be reading text messages one minute and moving to a laptop or tablet the next. The company conducted a study that observed how the human body interacts with technologies and how it responds as workers shift from one device to another. The study revealed nine work postures that were not being supported by office chairs — until now.

With all that moving around at work, it’s likely you’ve worked up an appetite for your favorite food. Our Weekend feature is all about area international flavors you can experience, thanks to the ethnically diverse dining scene in Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit.

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